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Google Android Auto updated with a new design: 5 key features

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Android Auto was first introduced during Google’s 7th annual I/O developer conference in June 2014 and has come a long way since with several updates. Today Google announced another update to Android Auto that will make life on the road more accessible than before.

Android Auto was created with the aim to make it easier for a person driving to get around with directions as well as stay connected and entertained without taking their eyes off the road. Currently, the technology is supported by more than 500 car models from 50 different brands and more are being added as we go.

The update brings a new interface that will enhance navigation, show relevant information and make it simpler for the person driving to stay connected and also entertained.

The new design will roll out to all the compatible Android Auto cars in a few months later this summer.

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Five key updates to Android Auto

Android Auto has received major design updates and more, as mentioned below.

  • Simplified startup: Now when you start your car, Android Auto will continue playing the media that you were listening to and also display the navigation app of your choice at a glance to get you going. You can either tap on a suggested location or say ‘Hey Google’ to start the navigation.
  • Navigation bar: The new navigation bar will ensure that you don’t miss turn-by-turn directions while you control other apps and your phone on the same display. The navigation bar also makes it easier to control the apps with a single tap — making it easier to multi-task on a single screen.

  • Notification centre: The updated notification centre displays notifications such as recent calls, messages and alerts. This enables you to check them out and respond at the time that’s convenient for you.
  • Design: Android Auto has been updated with a colour palette that’s not too harsh on the eyes and also fits well with the car’s interior. The new design update is aimed at improving visibility with a dark theme with colourful accents and easily readable fonts.
  • Screen fit: Cars with a broader screen will now be able to make use of that space as Android Auto will soon be maximising the display size to allow more information to be available to the drivers — directions, audio playback control and call control.

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