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Google Assistant comes to Xbox One

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Google Assistant now works with Xbox One and lets users control their experience with voice commands that work with any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker, display or even Android devices.

The new Google Assistant-enabled Xbox One will allow the users to search and launch games, play/pause media, take screenshots, turn on a TV show or switch the console on or off, among many other functions, by using their voice.

Users who have more than one Xbox One at their home can change the default name — Xbox — of the console, which will make it easier to identify different consoles.

Google Assistant for Xbox One is currently available in beta in English to users in countries where Google Assistant is supported. Users can expect the service to be released in other languages in the coming months.

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List of Google Assistant commands for Xbox One

Google Assistant comes to Xbox One in beta: Full list of commands
Google Assistant launching Gears 5 on Xbox One | Source: Reddit
  • Hey Google, turn on Xbox: Turns on Xbox
  • Hey Google, turn off Xbox: Turns off Xbox
  • Hey Google, play [name of the game] on Xbox: Launches user-specified game
  • Hey Google, volume up on Xbox: Turns up the volume
  • Hey Google, volume down on Xbox: Turns down the volume
  • Hey Google, mute Xbox: Mutes all sounds from the console
  • Hey Google, un-mute Xbox: Unmutes sounds from the console
  • Hey Google, pause/ or “Pause”: Pauses media playback
  • Hey Google, play/ or “Play”: Resumes or begins media playback
  • Hey Google, next/ or “Next”: Plays the next media file
  • Hey Google, previous/ or “Previous”: Plays the last media file.
  • Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox: Takes a screenshot
  • Hey Google, reboot Xbox: Reboots the console
  • Hey Google, stop on Xbox: Stops the console
  • Hey Google, switch to [channel’s name] on Xbox: Switches to the user-specified TV channel

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How to join the Beta programme?

Google Assistant capturing a screenshot on Xbox One | Source: Google

To get access to Google Assistant on Xbox One in its current beta form, you’ll first need to join the Google Group with the account that you’ll be using on Xbox. Then sign in to your Xbox and follow the steps below.

  • In your Google Home app for Android or iOS, tap on +Add
  • Then tap on Set up device
  • Tap on Have something already set up?
  • Find and tap on [beta] Xbox
  • Now sign in with the Microsoft account that you use for your Xbox
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Xbox and assign it a name.

In case you can’t find any device, go to your console’s Settings > Devices & Streaming > DIgital Assistant and enable the Assistant.

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