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Google bans 52 Play Store apps infected by Joker, Facestealer and Coper malware

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Cloud security company Zscaler’s ThreatLabz team reported 52 malicious apps on the Play Store to Google, all of which have been removed. 50 of the reported apps contained Joker, one of the most prominent malware families targeting Android devices. 

The Joker malware is a big headache for Android users. The malware usually disguises itself as a messaging app and then asks users to grant additional permissions under the premise of serving as the default SMS app. Once the required permissions are granted, the malware kicks off and starts stealing sensitive data, including SMS messages, contact lists, and device information, from the user’s phone. The malware is also known to sign its victims up for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services.

Over the last two months, ThreatLabz researchers from Zscaler have reported the following malicious apps on the Google Play Store.

The other two apps, Vanilla Camera and Unicc QR Scanner are infected with the FaceStealer and Coper malware, respectively. FaceStealer prompts users to log in to their Facebook accounts and steals their login credentials and authentication tokens. The Coper malware can intercept and send SMSs, has a keylogger built-in, can lock an infected device and even prevent app uninstalls.

52 Infected apps banned from the Play Store

AppPackage Name
Simple Note Scannercom.wuwan.pdfscan
Universal PDF
Private Messengercom.recollect.linkus
Premium SMScom.premium.put.trustsms
Smart Messagescom.toukyoursms.timemessages
Text Emoji SMSmessenger.itext.emoji.mesenger
Blood Pressure Checkercom.bloodpressurechecker.tangjiang
Funny Keyboardcom.soundly.galaxykeyboard
Memory Silent Cameracom.silentmenory.timcamera
Custom Themed Keyboardcom.custom.keyboardthemes.galaxiy
Themes Photo Keyboard com.themes.bgphotokeyboard
Send SMSexazth.message.send.text.sms
Themes Chat Messengercom.relish.messengers
Instant Messengercom.sbdlsms.crazymessager.mmsrec
Cool Keyboardcom.colate.gthemekeyboard
Fonts Emoji Keyboardcom.zemoji.fontskeyboard
Mini PDF Scannercom.mnscan.minipdf
Smart SMS
Creative Emoji Keyboardcom.whiteemojis.creativekeyboard.ledsloard
Fancy SMScon.sms.fancy
Fonts Emoji Keyboardcom.symbol.fonts.emojikeyboards
Funny Emoji Messagecom.funie.messagremo
Magic Photo
Professional Messagescom.adore.attached.message
All Photo Translatormyphotocom.allfasttranslate.transationtranslator
Chat SMScom.maskteslary.messages
Smile Emojicom.balapp.smilewall.emoji
Wow Translatorcom.imgtop.camtranslator
All Language Translatecom.exclusivez.alltranslate
Blood Pressure
Chat Text SMScom.echatsms.messageos
Hi Text SMSismos.mmsyes.message.texthitext.bobpsms
Emoji Theme Keyboardcom.gobacktheme.lovelyemojikeyboard
Text SMScom.ptx.textsms
Camera Translatorcom.haixgoback.outsidetext.languagecameratransla
Come Messagescom.itextsms.messagecoming
Painting Photo
Rich Theme Messagecom.getmanytimes.richsmsthememessenge
Quick Talk Messagemesages.qtsms.messenger
Advanced SMScom.fromamsms.atadvancedmmsopp
Professional Messengercom.akl.smspro.messenger
Classic Game Messengercom.classcolor.formessenger.sic
Style Messagecom.istyle.messagesty
Private Game
Social Messagecom.colorsocial.message

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