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Google Classroom ‘server rejected’ error: Quick Fix

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Google Classroom has increasingly become the go-to method of assigning and submitting assignments for teachers and students in the past few years. It’s seamless and gets the work done in no time. However, if you’re unable to submit an assignment with a deadline looming over your head or unable to upload assignments for students, things can get a bit frustrating quite quickly.

Here we’ve discussed the possible reasons why you’re seeing the server rejected error on Google Classroom and six ways you can try to resolve the issue.

Why are you seeing the server rejected error in Google Classroom?

Much like any other piece of tech, Google Classroom also faces seemingly random bugs. But it’s not always the tech that’s faulty; sometimes, the people using it are at fault too. And mostly, that’s the case if you’re getting a server rejected error on Google Classroom.

Unless the servers are to be blamed, more often than not, the server rejected error in Google Classroom is caused due to insufficient free storage in Google Drive. It can also be caused if your phone isn’t connected to the WiFi and the Transfer files only over Wi-Fi setting is disabled.

Other than that, the file or file format can also cause the server rejected error.

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6 ways to fix the Google Classroom server rejected error

Here are six ways to fix the Google Classroom server rejected error.

Check Google Classroom server status

One of the first things you should do before hitting the panic button is check if the fault lies with Google.

Go to the Google Workspace server status page and check if Classroom servers are running fine.

If there is a service disruption or outage, all you can do is wait until Google resolves the issue at their end and then try to upload your file. However, if the server status says that the servers are available, move on to the next fix.

Delete files from Google Drive

If your default Google Drive storage is full, you can either start by deleting files or emails that are merely taking up space and won’t be used in the future.

Alternatively, you can buy extra storage from Google.

Once there’s ample space in your Google Drive (considerably more than the size of the file you want to upload), you should stop seeing the ‘server rejected’ error on Google Classroom when trying to upload your assignment.

If emptying some storage in Google Drive didn’t work for you yet, restart Google Classroom and try again.

Enable transfers over mobile data

By default, Google Drive doesn’t upload files over mobile data, but you can override this setting in the app to get your files off the upload list. 

  • Open the Google Drive app and tap the three horizontal bars in the top left. 
  • Tap Settings.
  • Under Data usage, disable the Transfer files only over WiFi setting.

This should resolve the Google Classroom server rejected issue if you’re trying to upload from your phone or tablet.

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Reboot your device

One of the most straightforward solutions to a bunch of seemingly random issues is simply rebooting your device. If you see the Google Classroom server rejected error due to network issues, restarting the device should resolve the problem.

You can also reboot the router in case you’re using WiFi.

Check the file

Another reason for the error could be the file format or the file itself. Try to upload a doc or pdf file to ensure it goes through. However, if even that’s a problem, you might want to check your file by uploading it elsewhere online. If it’s corrupted, it should display uploading issues there as well.

Use a private/incognito browser window

At times browser cache and cookies cause issues while uploading a file. To ensure that the browser files do not cause the server rejected error, log in to Google Classroom in an incognito window and try to upload again.

If we missed out on any method that helped you fix the Google Classroom server rejected error, please comment below and let us know.

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