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What Google looked like when it launched in 1998

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Alphabet is one of the most popular technology companies in the world. We all know about the Google search engine and cannot imagine our lives without it.

With the proliferation of the internet to the have-nots worldwide, Google has emerged as one of the driving forces behind the knowledge boom.

Today, Google’s search engine looks modern and eye-pleasing. But what did it look like in 1998 when it was launched for the first time? In this article, we’ll take you down the memory lane to the late 90s when, for most of us, the internet was nothing short of a wonder.

The first Google search page

As you can expect from the technology at that time, the first Google home page was quite simplistic compared to today’s standards.

You can see the Google logo at the top, like we usually do today. However, an exclamation mark was added to the missing logo today. We can also notice buttons of Google Search, and I’m feeling lucky, exactly like today.

However, in 1998, Google included other links, including the Stanford Search and Linux Search, under the Special Searches heading.

Furthermore, there were links for Help, About Google, Company Info, and Google Logos, many of which are extinct now.

Finally, there was a Subscribe button and a space for you to enter your email address to receive the latest updates from the company.

At the bottom, you will see a Copyright@1998 Google Inc. denoting the time and copyright information.

The search engine was hosted on a Stanford server where the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were PhD students. The server was quite advanced, with the capacity of handling 10,000 searches per day. Sergey Brin designed the homepage, taking inspiration from Yahoo.

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How to see the 1998 Google homepage today?

What if we tell you that even today, you can access the 1998 Google homepage on your computer? Pretty cool, right?

To return to 1998, open Google Chrome and head to the Google search home page. Here, type Google in 1998 and press Enter.

You will notice a change in the home page. Interestingly, you can conduct your searches using the 1998 format. Look at the screenshot below to understand how the page will look. It is a cool party trick that can be used at least once.

To return to the present-day Google search, click Take me back to the present.

In conclusion, when Google launched its first home page in 1998, it was nothing like what we are used to seeing today. There were a few extra links, and the logo was also different. If you want to return to those times, follow the steps given above.

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