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Google Tasks vs Google Keep

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Google has a relatively comprehensive suite of cloud-based apps that its users can take advantage of no matter what device they’re using. It has so many services you might get confused about which one to use.

In this article, we’re going over the differences between two of Google’s note-taking and to-do list apps — Keep and Tasks to help you figure out which one’s the right choice for you. 

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Design and Interface

Tasks offer more of a minimalistic, simple, text-first interface with simple features and minimalistic text design. Keep, however, provides a lot more customisation, detail and extra features.

Tasks is built for one purpose — to keep track of your to-do lists. Keep lets you take notes, add tasks and organise them using tags, categories, labels and colour codes. It even has a post-it board for those who don’t want to use the traditional list type system for keeping track of things.

Reminders and sharing

Another major difference between the two is how they handle reminders and sharing. Keep gives you reminders for entire lists rather than individual tasks, while Tasks is the opposite — you get reminders for particular tasks. Keep lets you create reminders based on time and location, while Tasks only provides time-based reminders.

In terms of sharing, Keep blows Tasks out of the water as the latter lacks any collaboration features whatsoever. If your to-do lists are only for you, you’re good to go with Tasks. However, if you’re looking to share them with people and work together on something, Keep is the way to go.

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Integration with other Google Products

The choice here boils down to a simple question — whether you use Gmail more or Google Docs.

Tasks is well integrated into Gmail, while Keep is well integrated into Docs. Yes, you can use both the apps with Gmail or Docs, but they’re just paired better in the way mentioned above.

Gmail lets you make new tasks and lists directly, and you can even drag and drop emails into your Tasks lists. On the other hand, you can drag and drop notes, lists and just about anything else from Keep into Docs and vice-versa with no problems. 

So which one should you use?

Your choice comes down to how you prefer to work and what other Google services you use. If you’d rather have personal to-do lists that you don’t need to share and use Gmail a lot, Tasks will work perfectly fine for you.

Otherwise, if you want more detail in organising your notes and lists, work with Google Docs and need to share your progress on something with people, Keep is the obvious choice between the two.

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