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Top 34 hidden Roku Channels

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Roku is an online streaming service that lets users stream movies, TV shows, anime and so on by adding something they call ‘channels’. In this article, we’re listing out the top 34 Roku channels to keep you entertained. 

Private Roku channels are testing channels for developers. However, since Roku doesn’t scrutinise these channels, they can be used to serve pirated or illegal content.

Roku private channels are safe, and you won’t be in trouble for simply subscribing or viewing them. However, user discretion is advised when accessing such channels as there’s no saying what kind of content they might stream.

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How to add a Roku channel?

Adding a channel to your Roku account is rather easy. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Head over the Roku Site and log in to your account. Once logged in, Click on Add channel with a code under Manage Account.

Top 34 hidden Roku Channels | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Enter the channel code, go through the verification and click the Add Channel button to add the channel you want.

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The 34 best hidden Roku channels

Channel Name Channel CodeDescription
Unofficial Twitch TVTwitchTVThis is simply a Roku based channel to stream Twitch content
RokuCast CL9D5DThe channel lets you stream HTML5 content from Chrome to your Roku device.
El Cartel TVchibchombiatvOffers live South American TV channels such as TeleSUR, Canal Capital and Canal Uno. Focuses particularly on Columbian channels.
AOL OnaolOffers content from upto 17 different TV networks including BBC News, ET Online, Food Network and more.
EuroRoku 296XJKPIt is a paid, private Roku channel that provides 24/7 access to European TV channels for $15/month.
Armchair TouristArmchairTouristSimply a live stream of the most popular tourist destinations from all around the world.
Fox BusinessFOXBIZRoku channel for FOX Business, one of the biggest American news network about business, finance and global markets.
RokuMovies zb34acContains some of the weirdest and low-budget movies with frankly ridiculous storylines.
Video GamesT6PH2VThis channel contains complete playthroughs of nine classic videos games from 1988 to 2004 including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Metroid and more.
DISHWorld DISHWorldLets you watch live TV in up to 15 different languages. It is also available as an app for Android.
Pro Guitar Lessons TVProGuitarAs you can probably guess, the channel has a bunch of free guitar lessons.
Food Matters TVfoodmatterstvHas an enormous collection of videos from cooking shows to recipes, diets and more.
Happy KidsHappyKidsKeeps your kids happy. Has a collection of videos with music, rhymes, activities and popular kids TV shows.
Relaxation ChannelRelaxBasically, a channel that has videos featuring soothing sounds
Kinda ClassicsGK9NH5ZIt’s a secret Roku channel that has an expansive selection of classic movies and TV shows from across the world.
Emby EmbyThe channel is an open-source alternative to media centre apps like Kodi or Plex.
Silent NightSilentNightThis is a hidden Roku channel that has a collection of Silent Movies.
Harvest EatingharvestAnother food-based channel, except this one, focuses on recipes using fruits and vegetables.
5ik.TV 5ikTVIf you’re a fan of channels from the far east, including China, Japan and South Korea, you should definitely add this one.
Spanish TimespanishtimeThe channel features about 150 channels from Latin America that stream in, you guessed it, Spanish. The channel requires a $9.99/month subscription fees.
Silent MoviesRLQXKGFeatures a collection of silent movies as old as the 1920s.
Wilderness Channel
Contains a bunch of programmes for nature enthusiasts, hunters and outdoor survivalists.
Red Bull TVREDBULLTVJust a Roku Channel for Red Bull sports streams.
iTunes PodcastsITPCThis is a hidden and private Roku channel dedicated to free iTunes podcasts.
The Map ChannelmapThe channel comes with maps, atlases, topographical charts and anything else a geography fan would expect.
SpaceTime Free CN6MRTGIf you’re into astronomy, SpaceTime Free collects content issued by different space agencies all in one place.
Lode Runner Remake LodeRunnerPreviewThe channel lets you play Lode Runner, the puzzle-based game from 1983. Note that you would need an enhanced game remote for your Roku device.
Update My Channels UpdateMyChannelsIf you find the process of updating your Roky channels boring and time-consuming, this channel will do it for you.
My Channels MyChannelsThis channel allows you to customise Roku’s standard menu by creating custom channel groups.
Tropical Beach VRQHQThis is a hidden Roku channel that brings relaxing backgrounds to your TV.
The Silent Movie Channel ROLLEMIf you’re into old, classic silent films, this is a must-have channel for you.
Synctrix BetasynctrixbetaSynctrix helps you sync and stream your Google Drive/OneDrive content to your Roku device.
MultiLiveDNLMPKMultlive will give you access to a handful of European TV channels from France, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands.
Weather Radar radarThe channel lets you check weather updates gathered straight from the US National Weather Service.

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Can you hide private channels on Roku?

As of now, there’s no feature to hide individual channels on Roku. The only workaround here is that you can remove these channels altogether and add the again using the channel code.

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