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Top 7 Telegram channels to download Hindi movies

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Telegram offers a plethora of channels for a range of fields from cryptocurrency to preparing for Civil Services. But do you know, that you can watch Hindi movies on Telegram as well?

However, if you download from these channels, you may be committing a crime. So, check your local laws for more information on the situation.

That being said, in this article, we’ll list the top 7 Telegram channels to download Hindi movies.

New Bollywood MOVIES 2024

You can join this channel for the latest Bollywood and other Hindi dubbed movies. The only point to remember is that most of the movies on this channel are on the Terabox storage platform.

To download these movies, you may have to create an ID on Terabox or download the app on your mobile phone to watch the movies there.

Join New Bollywood MOVIES 2024 Telegram channel here


MOVIES.COM is yet another Telegram channel where you can find the latest and old Bollywood and South Indian Hindi-dubbed movies.

However, one thing to note here is that the movies are not based on the popular demand of the public or even the current favourite one, rather the movies on this channel are the ones that the admins want the subscribers to see. So, if you have no special preference for movies and can watch anything, this is the Telegram channel for you.

Join MOVIES.COM Telegram channel here

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Moviewalker Movies

Moviewalker Movies is one of the best-known and oldest channels on Telegram where you can download movies. However, you may not see Hindi movies often on this channel as it caters to the needs of a wide audience base.

That being said, there are some latest Hindi movies including Pathaan and Dunki on this channel. If you want to watch the latest movies, you can check out this Telegram channel.

Join Moviewalker Movies on Telegram here


Tired of seeing movies based on the whims of the admins? Try MG AUTO FILTER BOT. On this channel, you can enter the movie or web series of your choice and then follow the on-screen instructions to download the movies.

There are tons of movies on this channel ranging from old to the latest ones. Moreover, this channel has movies from other countries including South Korea, Japan, and Russia as well.

Join MG AUTO FILTER BOT on Telegram here

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Hollywood Hindi Movies

If you want to see Hollywood movies in Hindi, this is the channel for you. Usually, other channels upload Hollywood movies in English and the Hindi audience finds it difficult to find the right channel to see dubbed movies.

More than half a million people trust this channel for a daily dose of Hollywood movies.

Join Hollywood Hindi Movies here


This channel is specifically for Hindi audiences that have a knack for South Indian movies. South Indian states comprise the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada film industries. Till a few years ago, the market for these films was cable TVs in homes.

However, now things have changed quite a bit and the credit should be given to the Bahubali series and KGF. Now, South Indian movies also have a huge following on several OTT platforms and hence this Telegram channel is quite in demand for Hindi-speaking fans of South Indian films.

Join SOUTH MOVIES in Hindi on Telegram here

Hit Hindi Movies

Finally, you can join the Hindi Movies Telegram channel for the latest links and movies to download quickly on your device.

The channel is known for uploading movies regularly and also providing links to various other channels to expand your movie arsenal.

Join Hit Hindi Movies on Telegram here

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