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How to set up and use Hot Corners on Mac and iPad?

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When the iPad transitioned from iOS to iPadOS, Apple introduced several features intending to increase its usability.

Especially when connected to accessories like the Magic Keyboard or any external keyboard and mouse for the matter.

One such feature that iPadOS introduced was hot corners which essentially convert each of the four corners of your screen into an interactable area, configured to perform specific actions.

The feature is also available on macOS; this article lists the steps you need to follow to set it up and explains how you can use it.

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How to set up Hot Corners on MacOS?

To begin, open System Preferences and follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Search Hot Corners or click on Desktop & Screen Saver.

Step 2: Within the Screen Saver subsection, click on Hot Corners in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Select an action from the available options.

Once configured, to engage Hot Corners, move your cursor to any corner of the display; the set action will now occur.

In some cases, hot corners may activate unintentionally. To prevent this, users can use Modifier Keys — like Command or Shift or a combination of the two to be engaged for Hot Corner actions to take effect.

To do so, hold Shift or Command or a combination of the two while choosing an action.

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How to set up Hot Corners on iPadOS?

To begin, open the Settings application and follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Turn on Assistive Touch, located within the Touch subsection of Accessibility settings.

Step 2: Within the Assistive Touch subsection, scroll down and locate Dwell Control and toggle it on.

Step 3: Now select Hot Corners and choose which corner should activate which action.

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How to use Hot Corners?

While they share the same name, Hot Corners work slightly differently on macOS and iPadOS, and their range of performable actions differ quite a bit.

As mentioned earlier, on MacBooks, actions are performed by moving the cursor into a corner or by setting up modifier keys which users have to press to engage to Hot Corners — while moving the cursor to a corner. On iPads, users will have to move the cursor to a corner and wait for the Dwell action to complete this will trigger any set actions.

The actions you can set Hot Corners to perform are listed below.


  • Start Screen Saver
  • Disable Screen Saver
  • Engage Mission Control
  • Bring up Application Windows
  • Go back to Desktop
  • Bring up Notification Centre
  • Bring up Launchpad
  • Lock Screen


  • Open Assistive Touch Menu
  • Engage Accessibility Shortcut
  • Engage Analytics
  • Bring up App Switcher
  • Engage Control Centre
  • Bring up Dock
  • Double Tap
  • Hold and Drag
  • Home
  • Lock Rotation
  • Lock Screen
  • Long Press
  • Move Menu
  • Notification Centre
  • Pinch
  • Pinch and Rotate
  • Restart
  • Rotate
  • Take Screenshot
  • Shake
  • Engage Spotlight Search
  • Replicate Shake
  • Increase Volume
  • Decrease Volume
  • Speak Screen
  • Scroll Down
  • Scroll Left
  • Scroll Right
  • Scroll to Bottom
  • Scroll to Top
  • Scroll Up
  • Enable/Disable Fallback
  • Tap
  • Toggle pause/Resume Dwell
  • Make QR Code
  • New Shortcut
  • Shazam Shortcut
  • Take a Break
  • Text Last Image

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