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Why does my Hotspot keep turning off? Quick Fix

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One of the best features of modern smartphones is that they can share their cellular internet connection over WiFi using something called a hotspot. This essentially turns your phone into a WiFi router to which you can connect just about any WiFi device that needs internet access.

However, just like everything else in the tech world, this feature isn’t free from issues. In this article, we’re examining how you can fix your hotspot turning off automatically. 

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Restart your phone

One of the first things you should do while troubleshooting or diagnosing your device is to try and restart the phone. Restarting can fix a bunch of seemingly random issues, including issues with your hotspot. 

Disable WiFi

You can enable hotspot on your phone if you’re connected to a WiFi network. If you enable a hotspot while connected to WiFi, it’ll automatically disconnect from the WiFi network to start the hotspot.

However, that does leave your WiFi on at times which can cause problems with the hotspot. Make sure that WiFi is disabled on your phone and try again. 

Update your phone

Chances are there is some software bug in your current Android build that’s not letting your phone keep the hotspot on for an extended duration. In such cases, it’s best to check if there’s an update on your phone. If you do find one, install and update your phone immediately to check if that resolves your issue.

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Check the hotspot timeout settings

Most Android phones have a timeout setting for their hotspot, which turns the hotspot off if no device connects to it for a set period of time. You can extend this time or completely disable this to avoid your hotspot turning off automatically. 

Why does my Hotspot keep turning off? 5 Fixes
  • Head over to your phone settings and tap on Network & Internet. 
  • Tap Hotspot & tethering. 
  • Tap WiFi hotspot. 
  • Head over to Advanced. 
  • Disable the Turn off hotspot automatically feature.

On some devices, the feature will be replaced with a list of preset times you can choose, so go ahead and pick a setting that works best for you. 

Disable Battery Saver

Battery saver on your Android device can force some features not to function to save battery aggressively. Try turning it off to check if that resolves your issue. 

  • Head over to your phone settings and tap Battery. 
  • Tap on Battery Saver.
  • Tap on Turn off now.

Alternatively, you can use the battery saver icon from the quick actions in your notification shade. Now try turning the hotspot on again, and it should resolve your issues. 

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