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How long does Casetify take to ship?

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Casetify began with a simple idea of making Instagram photos into phone cases and today has grown into the biggest fun and high-quality phone case maker in the world. If you have recently purchased a vibrant and unique phone case, MacBook case, or AirPods collectables case from Casetify, or any other item from their diverse range of protection accessories, then you might be excited to see your purchase soon.

In this article, we will be discussing how long Casetify takes to ship your package depending on where you reside on Earth.

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Types of delivery

Casetify does its best to deliver your order as early as possible and in the case of international shipping, they take great care to make sure that your package reaches your house securely. Casetify classifies shipping their products according to three types of delivery systems:

Standard Delivery

If your order qualifies for standard shipping, then it will be delivered through the national postal service of your country. Outside the US, you may be asked to sign on your delivered package when you receive the item. Due to this, always have your purchase delivered to a place where someone can receive the item in case of your absence.

If you want to avail of free standard shipping, your order should be $35 or above, after applying any discount. There will always be a flat shipping fee applicable which is non-refundable.

Expedited Delivery

A quicker option over standard shipping, during expedited shipping, orders are shipped according to the destination by the means of various delivery services to make sure that it reaches their destination without any stops in between. The shipping fee might vary slightly depending on your address. Nonetheless, you will be shown all the charges including the shipping fee and service provider at the checkout.

Express Delivery

In the majority of countries, express shipping helps deliver your order within three to five business days. Express delivery is faster than expedited delivery however, there might be situations due to which the delivery may take some time to reach you. You can track your order’s journey through the tracking link or page for the courier service delivering your package. You will receive an email when your package is shipped along with the link for the tracking page.

Length of delivery

The shipping time varies and usually takes longer than the delivery of the package itself and this duration differs according to which country the order originated from:

  • For orders within the US: 6-12 business days
  • For orders outside of the US: 5-23 business days

On your checkout page, you may have been shown an estimated time of delivery which would have included time for dispatch and shipping which is calculated according to your country of residence. Of course, Casetify does not factor in the Customs office of the destination country in its calculation which may require additional documents that may prolong your package delivery.

Standard shipping does not guarantee fast shipping as express shipping would. So in order to meet any deadlines, you can go for quick and reliable express shipping. Nevertheless, orders are processed within three business days in the standard shipping. To conclude, Casetify orders might take three to four weeks to finally reach you.

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