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How long does it take an iPad to charge?

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Apple is known for making some of the best hardware and software experiences when it comes to smartphones, tablets and even laptops. That said, iPhones and iPads have had notoriously poor battery life. While Apple has somewhat addressed the issue by just putting bigger batteries in their devices, charging those batteries is also quite the hassle.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how long does it take to charge an iPad, and what you can do to speed up the process.

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How long do iPads take to fully charge?

On average, it takes about three hours to charge an iPad with the standard 20W power brick. The 2022 iPad Air and iPad Pro however do support 30W charging, which means you can get the charging down to just under two hours on the 2022 iPad Air and around two hours and 40 minutes on the 2022 iPad Pro. 

Note that different factors might influence how fast your iPad charges. There are several software features built into iPadOS that change how fast your battery charges to enhance the battery’s lifetime. Additionally, iPads don’t support very fast charging standards with 30W being the fastest charging speed. That can also affect your battery charging times a lot. 

Charging your iPad faster

Apple offers several different power adaptors ranging from 10W up to 30W. Of course, chargers with a higher wattage will charge your iPad faster, but that also depends on whether or not your iPad can use the higher wattage to charge faster. 

In their latest generation, all iPads support 20W charging, but only the iPad Air and iPad Pro support 30W fast charging. Additionally, it’s also recommended that you disabled optimised battery charging and charge under room temperature for the best results. 

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