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How long does a Vuse take to charge?

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With Vaping gaining popularity and growing in use, you may or may not know the working behind a vape. It is an electronic device that contains vape liquid or e-liquid, which, when heated, produces a vapour that can be inhaled. It is taking over your traditional smoking as a cooler-looking and less harmful alternative to satisfy cravings.

In this article, we will find out the amount of time Vuse, a popular e-cigarette brand in the US, takes to charge fully.

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Vuse charging time

Being electronic devices, Vuse vaporizers can be charged regularly to keep the vape usable. Now, Vuse sells ePod Pods and ePen Pods and their new disposable edition, Vuse GO, along with e-liquid fluid. All puffing products like ePods and ePens can be charged with a suitable charger. Every Vuse vape comes semi-charged and requires a charging period of around 80 minutes before its first use.

The battery plays an important role in the vape cycle as it helps heat the coil to turn the e-liquid into vapour. While the charging capability differs according to each product, you can check out the following table below to see the charging capacity of your Vuse vape:

Vuse VapeCharge percentageCharge time
Vuse ePod 2Upto 80%35 minutes
Vuse ePen100%60 minutes
Vuse GOBuilt-in batteryDisposable

A Vuse device might take 60-80 minutes to charge completely after repeated usage.

With Vuse GO, your disposable vape has a built-in battery and no charger, as it is meant to be easily disposable after delivering approximately 500 puffs. The battery will run out before the e-liquid finishes to avoid giving a burnt taste or flavourless dry puffs. The battery consumption depends on the user.

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Vuse Battery indications

By knowing the right indications for light on a vape, you can find out if it is completely charged or low on battery. Vuse has placed LED lights on the body of their products to help you identify battery status with blinking lights.

Overall, a Vuse vape lasts about 190- 270 puffs. However, the chances are that your vape’s battery might run out before the e-liquid finishes. Avoid discarding the pod which contains the e-liquid when you are charging the vape:

  • Indication to charge: Place your vape device on charge if the LED flashes ten times. The device will continue flashing to show its charging status.
  • Indication of full charge: When the device has stopped flashing, and the LED light has switched off, your vape will be fully charged.

If your device continues to flash even after charging, then you should consult the Vuse customer care helpline in your country. The flashing could also indicate a puff-out time. Try switching your Vuse device off and then on after a few seconds.

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