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How many playlists can you have on YouTube?

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All good things come to an end. Does that apply to music as well? Is there a limit to how much music you can have? The answer to this should solely depend on your device storage. However, Youtube does apply limits on their services even if you are a Premium member.

In this article, we will analyse how many playlists one can create on Youtube.

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Limit on playlists

Playlists are created to group similar videos of interest to us. This can clear up the clutter in your head and the pain of saving or downloading every video. Playlists also exist in YouTube Music, where you can make as many playlists as you like.

However, YouTube only allows you to keep 5000 videos or music in one playlist and 10,000 playlists or albums.

Per/day limit on playlists

There is no specific daily limit on creating a playlist; however, you should only create 10-15 playlists daily. Youtube might mark your account as spam if you go beyond this number. You can also have an entire album on your playlist but have liked only one song. This may fill up playlists easily.

Hiccup for YouTube Music

Music, in its infinite wisdom, is the harmony our souls seek. Although Youtube is not infinite, it has limits when it comes to saving songs on a Youtube Music playlist. However, Youtube does make a blunder when it places the 5000 videos or music limit over both normal Youtube videos and songs Youtube Music. All liked videos go into one playlist as well.

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Youtube’s algorithms only recognise the 5000 liked videos and songs in one playlist. You may hit the wall too early if most of your likes go on normal Youtube videos. This will lead to Youtube showing you less similar music according to your taste. It creates an obstacle for both users and creators as the user gets picky with their likes.

Reason for the limit on playlists

This limit allows you to expand your library and focus equally on all songs or videos. The limit helps you manage your playlist section and feel good for having acquired a diverse taste of 5000 videos and songs. After crossing the 5000 limit, Youtube quietly removes old songs or videos from all playlists, including your liked songs and videos.

If you are trying to start your channel or attract subscribers, you might want to tone down your 5000 videos-strong playlists. With attention spans decreasing daily, a huge playlist is rarely viewed, so keep it short and sweet with much lesser videos to convey your ideas.

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