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How to access the clipboard on Chromebook?

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Clipboard is a feature in almost all operating systems that stores the last data you copied. This data can be anything — text, images, and other content.

While Chromebook’s clipboard is quite useful as it can store multiple items at once which are only lost if you shut down or restart the device. However, they do come with a few limitations.

  • As mentioned above, as soon as you turn off your computer, the clipboard history is cleared. This means that the item that it had stored has been flushed out, and you will have to copy the content again.
  • Another limitation many operating systems have addressed is that earlier, you couldn’t access the clipboard. It was working in the background and stored the content that you pasted. Even the clipboard managers won’t save the content if you have just copied it.
  • You cannot synchronise the clipboard across various devices. It only works on individual devices.
  • And lastly, the clipboard manager on Chromebook stores texts, links, and photos. However, it does not store files and folders.

In this article, we’ve explained two ways to access the clipboard on Chromebook.

Method 1: via keyboard shortcut

This is perhaps the easiest method to access the clipboard on a Chromebook.

Press the Search/Launcher key + V on your Chromebook keyboard.

You’ll see the clipboard popping up on your Chromebook screen:

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Method 2: Access clipboard on Chromebook via the Launcher

The second way to access the clipboard history on Chromebook is via the Launcher menu. The Launcher icon on Chromebook is located at the bottom left of the screen and is akin to the Start menu on Windows.

  • Press the Launcher icon and then search clipboard in the search box. Click on the Open Clipboard result at the top.
  • When the clipboard is opened, you can copy the items that are stored in it or you can press the cross to remove or delete the item from the clipboard.

In conclusion, you can access the clipboard manager on Chromebook in two ways, both of which take only a fraction of a second to complete.

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