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How to add another bank account in PhonePe?

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Phonepe is a UPI payment app providing digital banking services to users. You can make payments to friends and family or transfers to business or merchant users in exchange for their services. It is a 24×7 service, used by anyone anywhere for everyday transactions without sharing any sensitive details.

You can create a Phonepe account by adding your bank account details and generating a UPI id for quick transactions. Also, you can link multiple accounts with your Phonepe user id for a better digital payment experience.

Using Phonepe, you can make four types of payments using different payment modes:

  • Using Phonepe wallet
  • Using linked bank accounts
  • Using Debit/ Credit Cards
  • Using UPI ID

Let us start with a quick guide on bank account linking with your Phonepe user id to keep you going with endless digital transactions.

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Adding Another Bank Account in PhonePe: Quick Guide

Before diving into the steps to add a bank account in Phonepe, you must ensure the following prerequisites get fulfilled for the bank account setup. If one of the requirements from the list below is not met, the account will not link to Phonepe.


  • The mobile number associated with your Phonepe account and the bank account number to be added must be similar.
  • The mobile number should be present on your current device on which your Phonepe account exists.
  • Ensure that the mobile banking services are active for your bank account that you’re trying to link. If not, you can reach out to your bank to activate these services.
  • You have enough credit on your number to send an SMS for verification.
  • Lastly, you should have a strong internet connection and mobile network.

How to add another bank account in PhonePe?

Now that you know about the requirements of adding a bank account in Phonepe let’s learn how to add another account for your Phonepe user id.

How to add another bank account in PhonePe?
  • On the Phonepe app, click on the Profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Under the Payments Method section on the screen, you will see the accounts currently linked to your Phonepe account. Click on the Add Bank Account option.
  • Choose your bank account from the list of available banks. You can also search for the bank’s name under the Search by bank name field.
  • Phonepe automatically fetches the details of your account linked with your phone number. An SMS is sent to the bank to verify your number with the active account. Your bank account details will display on the screen.
  • Tap the Set UPI Pin button to set up the UPI PIN for your account if you haven’t set it already before.
  • Enter your card details to set the PIN. You need to enter the last 6-digits and the expiry date of your card.
  • After you’ve filled in the details, click on the Proceed button. A screen will display requesting the OTP and new UPI PIN for setup.
  • You will receive an OTP on your linked mobile number. Use the OTP to set up your UPI PIN and confirm it.

At last, the UPI PIN setup is complete, and the bank account will link successfully with your Phonepe account. If a UPI PIN already exists for your account, it will directly link to Phonepe.

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