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How to book Ola for others?

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Ola, a cab-hailing company, provides many services, and booking a cab for someone else is one of them. You can book any of the three transportation services offered by Ola — daily city taxi, outstation, or rental. Ola provides three types of rides, depending on their availability in your area — bike, auto or cab.

This article gives you easy-to-follow steps to book Ola cabs for others.

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How to book Ola cab for others?

Wherever the person you are booking a cab for maybe, you can always follow the steps given below and book them a safe and comfortable ride. Open the Ola app on your mobile phone:

  • Type in your pick-up location if it is not already saved. There is an option on the top right corner of your screen that reads, Myself. Tap on this link to add the person from your contact list for whom you are booking the cab.
  • You can then continue to type in your destination address. Here you have the same option as before. However, even if you end up skipping it, that’s alright.
  • On your screen, go over your pick up and drop off destinations, then tap on a ride that suits your friend.
  • After choosing your mode of transportation, you may see another Myself. Tap on it and choose from your contacts.
  • Ola may ask for your permission to go through your contacts if not already granted.
  • More than one contact can be chosen as well. You can add more names if more than one person is travelling to the same destination.
  • Upon confirming the ride, your friend or acquaintance will receive an SMS with the ride details. Both you and they can then track the ride.

Now, you can easily book Ola cabs for others, including your friends, family or other acquaintances and track them as they travel safely and comfortably to their destination.

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