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How to change font in Notepad++? 

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Notepad is an essential Windows tool that is useful if you often work with text or code files and don’t want to run to your code editor for every little edit. However, while the default Windows Notepad can open just about any text or code file, it is rather limited in terms of features.

That’s where Notepad++ comes in to save the day. It’s just as lightweight as Windows Notepad but offers many more advanced features, making it an excellent program for text files and code editors. However, being more powerful and adding more features can also mean that the user interface can get cluttered, confusing some basic actions for newcomers.

Don’t worry too much if you struggle with basic text operations in Notepad++. In this article, we’re talking about how you can change fonts in Notepad++. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

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Changing fonts in Notepad++

Newcomers to Notepad++ will quickly realise that there are no “font” settings, as there are in Windows Notepad. That’s because Notepad++ treats fonts and any modifications to them as styles. Follow these steps to change fonts in Notepad++.

Step 1: Open Notepad++ and head over to the Settings menu. Click the Style Configurator option in the menu that appears.

Step 2: Once the Style Configurator opens up, select Global Styles in the Language section, followed by Default Style in the Style section. This ensures you’re editing the font globally and not for one specific language or style. If you do however, want to make changes local to a specific programming language, feel free to play around with these settings.

Step 3: Finally, under the Font Style section, click the Font name drop-down menu to select your desired font. You can also change the font size and toggle bold, italic, or underline options per your preference and the selected text in the Notepad++ window.

Additionally, you can try changing the foreground and background colours to match your preferences. Foreground colour refers to the colour of the text, while background colour is the colour of the canvas.

Step 4: After making changes, click the Save & Close button to dismiss the window.

Monospace vs Proportional fonts in Notepad++

One thing to remember about Notepad++ fonts is that they support monospace and proportional fonts. Depending on which one you choose, your text can appear drastically different.

  • Monospace: every individual character gets an equal amount of horizontal space.
  • Proportional: horizontal space is adjusted according to the width of an individual character.

If you primarily work with code in Notepad++, we recommend using a monospace font such as Consolas or Courier New (the default font in Notepad++). However, a proportional font might suit you better if your work involves working with more text files. Regardless, you can play around in the style configurator and set different fonts for file types or languages that best suit your needs.

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