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How to change region in League of Legends?

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Changing your region in League of Legends is crucial whether you’re moving to a new location, want to play with friends in a different region, or want to experience the game in a new environment.

This process takes only a few clicks and can be done within seconds. You can watch the YouTube video or continue reading the article below:

In this article, we’ll explain how to change regions in League of Legends easily. But before that let us understand why you should do this.

Here’s what we will cover:

Why change your region in League of Legends?

There are several reasons why you might want to change your region in League of Legends:

  • Relocation: Moving to a new country or region may necessitate servers to reduce latency and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.
  • Playing with friends: Joining friends who play in a different region can enhance your gaming experience and enable you to participate in regional events or competitions.
  • Exploring new regions: Trying out different regions can offer new challenges, a diverse player base, and unique regional events or promotions.

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Methods to change region in League of Legends

There are two primary ways to change region in League of Legends:

Creating a new Riot account

This method is straightforward and cost-free but requires starting from scratch.

Head to the Riot Games website and click on any game. After that, select Create One under I don’t have a Riot Account. Next, enter your email and other information.

During the account creation process, choose your desired region.

Change region on your current account

If you prefer keeping your current account, champions, skins and progress, you can change the region by purchasing Riot points:

Step 1: Open the League of Legends client and then head to Store.

Step 2: Next, click on Account.

Step 3: Next, click on Purchase RP.

Step 4: Now, select the RPs to buy. If you want to change the region, you will have to buy at least 4,000 RPs at Rs. 2,700 or $25-30.

Now, complete the formalities and once you have the RPs, use it to change the region in League of Legends.

Note: In League of Legends, you get the following regions: EU Nordic and East, Japan, Latin American North, Latin America South, North America, Oceania, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

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Additional tips and considerations

Here are some additional tips and considerations that you should keep in mind before changing the region in League of Legends:

  • Check regional restrictions or requirements: Some regions have specific restrictions and requirements. Ensure that you are aware of these before making a change.
  • Consider latency: Playing on a server far from your physical location can result in higher latency and a less enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Transfer wait times: The transfer process might take some time. Plan if you want to participate in time-sensitive events or ranked seasons.
  • In-game purchases: Remember that purchases made in one region may or may not transfer to another. Double-check what will and won’t carry over before switching regions.

In conclusion, changing regions in League of Legends is quite easy. You can either create a new account or use your existing account to switch to another region. Follow the tips and considerations mentioned above for a seamless region transfer.

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