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How to change the series name in Excel?

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Microsoft Excel is a tool used for managing data in a structured way. It enables users to organise, analyse, and showcase information efficiently. When dealing with charts and graphs in Excel, it’s crucial to label your data accurately. An important aspect of presenting data effectively involves giving significant names to the series featured in your charts.

In this guide, we have discussed how to change the series name in a chart in Excel in a few simple and easy steps.

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Change series name in Excel

In Microsoft Excel, the names of data series in charts are usually connected to the data in your worksheet. Any modifications you make to this data are automatically reflected in the chart. If you wish to change the name of an existing data series or adjust the values without altering the actual data on your worksheet, Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the document where you want to change the series name, right-click on the chart, and then click on Select Data in the dropdown menu.

Step 2: In the Select Data Source box, Under Legend Entries, select the series and click the Edit button.

Step 3: In the Edit series dialogue box, type the new name in the Series name box and click the OK button.

Step 4: It will take you back to the Select Data Source box. Click on the OK button to save the changes you made.

Step 5: The series name will be changed, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now that you’ve made changes, your chart should display series names that are clearer and more descriptive. This example shows how to change series names in Excel charts, helping you create visuals that are clearer and simpler to grasp.

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