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How to change the time on Chromebook?

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Chromebooks are a fine backup machine for professionals, given its snappy nature and a capable primary device for students. While it doesn’t allow as many customisations as Windows, Mac or Linux, it still allows basic ones.

One such customisation that people often ask about is changing the time on Chromebook. Unlike Windows, however, Chromebook doesn’t allow inputting the time or date manually.

Chromebook uses two ways to determine the date and time — the time zone or the device’s location.

  • You can allow the Chromebook to select the time zone automatically based on the device location by either using your IP address or WiFi/mobile networks.
  • You can alternatively also change the time on Chromebook by manually selecting a timezone.

Here we’ve discussed how to change the time on Chromebook using both methods.

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Change time on Chromebook

Follow the steps mentioned below to change the time on your Chromebook.

Step 1: Open Chromebook’s settings either using the notification menu from the home screen or open the Settings app from the app menu.

How to change the time on Chromebook?

Step 2: Then select Advanced, located near the bottom of the options towards the left.

Step 3: Then click on Date and time followed by Time zone.

You can also enable the 24-hour clock on the same screen

Step 4: To manually select the time zone, click on Choose from list and select your preferred time zone.

Step 4 (alternative): To allow the Chromebook to set the time automatically, select Set automatically and then choose one of the two options (IP address/WiFi network) to determine the location for the time.

If you’re using a VPN, it’s recommended to allow the Chromebook to set the time zone automatically.

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