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How to change units in Solidworks?

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Changing units in Solidworks is a relatively straightforward task. Designers, however, find it tiresome to place a default unit system for every part.

Solidworks gives users the comfort to quickly change the units using the Quick Select Unit option. By setting default units in a Part template one can apply the selected units to new documents.

Upon reading this guide you’ll be able to change the units of your file in a couple of different ways.

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How to change units in Solidworks through Unit Quick Select?

This method quickly changes the units of the current document, To use the Unit Quick Select option:

Step 1: Select the Quick Select Unit option in the bottom right-hand corner. On clicking, you’ll see a number of standard units, choose the one you want to apply. To change the full unit settings click on Edit Document Units.

Step 2: Select the Custom option to have the units changed and click on OK

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How to set default units in a Part Template in Solidworks?

This method permanently changes the units in the software. New documents can be viewed with the same dimensions when opened with this template.

Step 1: Go to Solidworks, open a new part file.

Step 2: Then click on the Options icon located on the top-right of the toolbar at the top, and select Options.

Step 3: Under Document Properties, select Units from the sidebar to the left and change it to any unit system you want (on the right).


Step 4: Go back to the File menu and select Save As.

Step 5: Name your part, choose the Part Template extension (*prtdot), and click on the Save button.

Step 6: With the System Options tab selected, click on File Locations from the sidebar to the left, then click on the Add button, then on Templates and finally click on the Ok button.


Step 7: When opening a new part, click on the Advanced button.

With this, you’ll have permanently changed the unit systems of your file in Solidworks. If you change your mind on the units in later designing stages, you can follow the same steps in the Assembly and Drawing files as well.

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