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How to change WhatsApp’s time to 12-hour format?

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WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform, has made communication seamless and instantaneous. With over two billion users worldwide, the app must cater to diverse preferences, including how time is displayed.

While WhatsApp automatically adapts your device’s time format, many users prefer the 12-hour format with AM/PM indicators. If you’re one of them, this guide is for you.

It is essential to understand that WhatsApp doesn’t have its own time settings; it mirrors your device’s configuration. This means that you need to adjust your device’s settings. Whether you are using Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered.

Change to 12-hour format on Android

Here are the steps to change the time to a 12-hour format on Android:

  • Open Settings and then tap on the System option.
  • Next, tap on Date and time.
  • Finally, turn off the toggle in front of Use 24-hour format.

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Change to 12-hour format on iOS

Here’s how to change to a 12-hour time format on iOS:

  • Head to Settings > General.
  • Tap on Date and Time.
  • Finally, turn off the toggle in front of 24-Hour Time.

Once you are down with changing the time format on your device, be it Android or iOS, open WhatsApp to see whether the time format has been confirmed.

If WhatsApp is not confirming the time change, you can clear the app’s cache. If, even after clearing WhatsApp’s cache, you do not see a 12-hour time format, you can reinstall the app. To clear the cache, follow the instructions given below:

  • Open Settings and then select Apps.
  • Select WhatsApp.
  • Tap on Storage and cache.
  • Finally, select Clear cache.

In conclusion, WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in feature to change the time format, it accepts the time format that your device is configured on. Follow the instructions given above to change the time format on Android and iOS. In case, you face any issues, clear WhatsApp cache or reinstall it to fix them.

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