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How to delete the audit log in Discord?

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Discord is a fully-fledged communications platform that initially started as a gaming chat application but since then has evolved to include a much larger audience. 

Discord works by letting users create ‘servers’ — public spaces where anyone and everyone can come together, talk (text, video, voice) and share files. Discord allows server creators or admins a lot of power over what happens in a server and how they control and moderate the other users on a server.

You might not know that Discord also creates and regularly updates a server audit log that records everything that happens on a Discord server. In this article, we’re talking about how to delete your Discord server’s audit log. 

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Deleting Discord server audit logs

So here’s the deal — the whole point of a server log is to record everything that’s going on in a server so that if you ever need to refer to an old action, you can quickly look up the log, and you’re good to go. 

For reason’s of security and recordkeeping, Discord does not let server admins or even creators delete these logs. This means all you can do, even with the highest permissions in a server, is watch the log, that’s all. These logs do not record chats, any DMs, messages or any communications of any sort. They just record server activity such as:

  • Channel creation, updates and deletion. 
  • Channel permission creation, updates and deletion.
  • Webhooks creation, updates and deletion.
  • Message creation, updates and deletion.
  • Any message deleted by a member or bot.
  • Emoji creation, updates and deletion.
  • Invite creation, updates and deletion.
  • Role creation, updates and deletion.
  • Any member kicks, bans or unbans.
  • Member role and nickname updates. 
  • Server updates.

That’s pretty much all the administrative action that happens on a server; however, don’t be surprised to see additional information about server maintenance and so on here. 

In addition to this log, several third-party bots out there create even more detailed logs, such as Logger or Dyno. These bot created logs are often more detailed than the default server log but are invasive at times as well. 

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