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How to delete Domino’s account?

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Domino’s is an American multi-million pizza restaurant chain established by Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan in 1960, currently led by CEO Richard Allison.

The main headquarters of Domino’s is situated at Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino’s approximately had 15,000 stores, 5,649 of which were in the U.S, 1,232 in India, and 1,094 in the U.K by 2018.

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Deleting Domino’s account

Domino’s blew up in India because of their ‘delivery in 30 minutes or else pizza is free policy.’ So today, you can not only order their pizzas over a call, but you can use their very own mobile application and enjoy their delicious pizzas without having to look for pamphlets or their numbers.

However, if, for whatever reason, you’ve decided to delete your account, you’re going to have to ask their customer support to do that for you. Unfortunately, the Domino’s app doesn’t have an option to delete user accounts which means that you will have to write an email and request Domino’s customer support to do that for you.

Use these guidelines to help frame your email.

  • Subject of the email can be ‘Account deletion’ or ‘Request for account deletion’.
  • The body of the email needs to contain the reason for deletion, your registered email address and any other contact information you might want to add.
  • You’ll be sending the email to

Here is the format you can use when writing the email:




To the Domino’s Support Team,

I am a registered user of the Domino’s app and would like to put in a request to delete my account owing to personal reasons. Please find my basic credentials below.

Name: <Your name>
Username: <Enter your Domino’s username>
Registered email address/Phone Number: <Enter the email or phone number you used when making the account>

Thank you

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