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How to delete your ShareChat account?

App building is a prominent business model in a Tecno savvy world where every step on the internet is guided by an application, from banking and tracking our fitness to chatting with friends and playing games.

As the new apps are increasing in the market, so do the technologies that capture and analyse data. This leaves the users more worried about their personal information being compromised.

Today the apps, with the pretext of legit reasons to collect user data, including profile information such as age and gender to location details, end up sharing some of it with third parties like business partners, suppliers, advertisers and others.

ShareChat is also no different from its peers; the social media collects a ton of information from its users like Log-in data, shared content, log files, scripts, cookies, user search data, phone numbers, request access to the SMSes, contacts list, location details and lot more sensitive data.

If you had a change of heart and want to shift to an app that collects less of your data — or even none — Then it goes without saying that you should first put up a request to shut your account on Sharechat permanently.

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How to delete a ShareChat account via mobile app?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to delete your ShareChat account in an instant.

Remember the profile information will be saved with the media for about 30 days in case you decide to restore your account.

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How to delete the ShareChat account using a web browser?

If you have already uninstalled the application from your smartphone, you can access your ShareChat account from a web browser instead of installing it again.

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