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How to disable Android Auto?

Android Auto is a great tool to turn your car’s infotainment system into a smartphone and access apps like Music, Messages, Maps and Navigations. One can also use Google Assistant to control car features.

It is a great innovation to avoid unnecessary disturbance while on the road, but as the new vehicles are rolling out by the day with new technology and better features. For example, today, the car’s infotainment system is equipped with Android Auto’s many features, like voice command control and navigation.

So If you are the one who is having trouble disabling Android Auto so you can use rooted features of your car’s head unit along with charging your device with a USB cable, then we have got you covered. Below are three methods using which you can disable Android Auto anytime.

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How to disable Android Auto?

The first solution which comes to mind is to uninstall the applications which are no longer needed. Of course, and rightly, it is not a wrong choice, but there is not much room for this solution when it comes to Android Auto.

If you’re using Android 9 or earlier versions, you can easily remove the Android Auto app from your Android phone by tapping on the App for a few seconds and from the listed options, click uninstall.

But, for Android 10 or later Android version devices, the app is pre-installed, so it is impossible to remove the application permanently from the device unless you root your device.

So the only alternatives which are left are to either disable/force stop the Android Auto app from your smartphone or prevent it from launching automatically.

How to disable Android Auto app in Android device?

It’s not recommended to disable any pre-installed Android app as it may cause issues with other apps, especially the System apps. It is always better to use the Force Stop option as it will solve the problem anyway. So, only use this option if the solutions mentioned below work for you, and your phone is running Android 10 or higher.

The move will uninstall all the downloaded updates and make the app stop any automation for the time being.

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How to stop Android Auto from launching Automatically?

This method will stop Android Auto from connecting to the car’s head unit automatically. And allow you to charge the phone or connect the device via Bluetooth without deleting the Android Auto configuration. So in future, if you want to use the feature again, you don’t have to set up Android Auto afresh with your car. 

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How to forget connected cars for Android Auto app?

If you don,t want to delete the app, then another feasible option is to remove the car from the cars connected list.

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