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How to enchant items in Minecraft?

While Minecraft starts as a fairly simple game forcing the player to mine for resources and create the items they need to survive and fight off mobs, there are certain additional things the game offers once players reach a high-enough experience level.

In this article, we’re talking about enchantments in Minecraft and how you can use them to your advantage.

Enchantments in Minecraft can increase the probability of special drops and add special powers to ordinary in-game items. Usually, Enchantments can be added using the following three ways.

You’ll also need three Lapis Lazuli and a required level of experience for each level of enchantment.

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Using an enchanting table

Before we get started with enchanting items, keep in mind that the enchanting table needs to be surrounded by 15 bookshelves in the order shown below to maximise the enchantments available.

You can still enchant items without doing so, but you won’t have access to as many enchantments. 

Follow these steps to enchant items once you’ve placed the enchanting table with bookshelves. 

Step 1: Walk to the enchanting table and right-click it to open.

Step 2: Place the item to be enchanted in the first slot and three Lapis Lazuli in the second box.

You’ll see the different levels of the enchantment on the right. Each level requires a certain experience level. Note that this is not the cost of enchantment, merely the number of enchantment levels you need to unlock a certain enchantment. Select the enchantment you want to apply, and you’re good to go. 

Enchanting using an Anvil

If you’re enchanting using an Anvil, you’re first going to have to make an enchanted book using the aforementioned method. Certain enchantments on specific tools can only be applied using an enchanted book. 

Once you have the enchantment book required, follow these steps.

Step 1: Walk to the enchanting table and right-click it to open. 

Step 2: Place the item to be enchanted in the first slot and the enchanted book in the second box. You’ll see the enchantment cost under the box on the right. 

You can also use the Anvil to repair and rename items in Minecraft.

Enchating using the /enchant command

When in creative mode, you can quickly enchant any item with any enchantment using the /enchant command. Here’s the general syntax.

/enchant [target] [enchantment] [level]

For example, to enchant whatever you’re holding with Sharpness V, use the following command. 

/enchant @s sharpness 5

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