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How to exit full screen on Chromebook?

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Chromebooks are gaining popularity due to their easy-to-use design, fast performance, and user-friendly interface. Whether writing a document, watching a video, or surfing the web, using full-screen mode can make your experience more engaging. However, there might be occasions when you want to leave the full screen on your Chromebook to switch to other apps or features.

Wondering how to exit full-screen mode on your Chromebook? This article discusses four ways to exit the full-screen mode on a Chromebook.

Below we have discussed:

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Use the Full-screen button

The quickest way to exit and enter the full-screen mode on a Chromebook is by using the Full-screen or F4 button. Chromebooks don’t use the F1 to F12 labels on their function keys like Windows laptops do. Instead, these keys have symbols like arrows, a magnifying glass, and controls for adjusting volume.

Whether you are watching a video or just surfing the internet with the full screen on a Chromebook, this button can get you out of the full screen.

Use the Esc key

If the Full-screen or F4 key is not working for you, you can also use the Esc key. Just like the Full-screen key on your Chromebook Esc key will help you exit the full-screen mode.

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Use the Touchpad to exit full screen

You can also exit full-screen mode on a Chromebook using the touchpad. Drag your cursor to the top of the screen, making the Chromebook’s title bar visible. Once the title bar appears, click the Minimise (Minus sign) button to minimise the Window and exit the full screen. This method is more helpful when you are playing games in full-screen mode.

If you are on a web browser and by mistake switched to full-screen mode, you can right-click on the screen to access the context menu and click on the Exit full screen option in the context menu.

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