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How to fix TCL TV black screen error?

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TCL TVs offer some of the most advanced technology at a fraction of the cost. But like everything good, these are not without their fair share of errors.

If you are witnessing a black screen on TCL TV, here are a few fixes that you can try.

Check the cable connections

Sometimes the cable connections are not secured firmly and are a little loose thereby interrupting the power supply. Make sure the cables are firmly secured in the appropriate port.

Also, confirm that the cables are not damaged. Change them asap if you notice any visible damages.

For your peace of mind, unplug all the cables and then reconnect them.

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Check the status LED on your TV

A solid white LED indicates that the TV is off or in standby mode. When it is blinking or off, this indicates that the TV is on. Press any button from your remote and you will see the LED light blinking. If you are not seeing any LED, then check the power cord and the main socket for any damages.

Restart the TV

You can restart the TV to fix any minor bugs in the system. In most TVs, you will find the power button underneath the TCL logo on the bottom or behind the TV towards the right corner.

Unplug the TV from the main power source and wait for a minute or so before plugging it back on.

Factory reset the TV

Here are the steps to factory reset the TV:

Step 1: Press the Settings button on the remote.

Step 2: Go to More Settings and then to Device Preferences.

Step 3: Select Reset > Factory Data Reset > Erase Everything.

Contact TCL support

If you have tried everything and still are unable to fix the black screen error on TCL, then it is time for you to contact TCL customer support.

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