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How to get more followers on Instagram?

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A large number of followers on Instagram has never harmed anyone. Whether you have a creator account or a business account, you want more and more people to visit your profile and see your work. But earning followers isn’t easy, you have to spend day and night, working hard on your content and then too only a few people visiting your account will follow you.

Here we take a look at three ways that you can use to increase the follower count on your profile and also the interactions on your shared content.


Many Instagrammers follow this technique. Here, you follow the Instagram accounts, which are already following other accounts similar to that of yours. When people receive follow requests from an account having a vast number of followers, they generally follow them back.

The best way to find these accounts is to go to an Instagram account having huge follower count and having content similar to that of yours. You can check their recent posts and follow the people who frequently like/comment on them. You can also check their follower list and follow the top followers. This will reduce the chance of following ‘inactive’ Instagram accounts.

But keep this in mind that you can only follow and unfollow up to 50 people in 30 mins. If you exceed this limit, your account may get temporarily disabled according to Instagram’s policies.

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Promoting Posts

Instagram Creator vs Business vs Personal account: ComparisonThere is a simple Instagram rule — more the number of people seeing your post more will be the number of people following you. When people come across your post, they will like your content and follow you.

You can use various tools to promote your posts like:

  • Using Instagram Promote feature: You can promote your posts through Instagram. Instagram offers ‘story’ as well as ‘post’ promotions. It has not been very successful in a few countries but works quite well in India. The only drawback is that it is costly as compared to the other options.
  • Promoting through other Instagram pages: You can promote your content on Instagram pages having a large number of active followers. These pages generally have massive engagement and reach. This method is comparatively cheaper, and the results are quite satisfying.

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Buying ‘Fake’ Followers

This is the fastest and the cheapest way to get followers on your account. There are a few platforms which provide these kinds of services like CheapSSMPanel and Pay2SSM.

Buying followers is considered to be illegal according to Instagram’s policies, and we discourage the use of such kind of services. These followers are mostly inactive, and though they will add up to your follower count, they won’t affect the interaction on your post — the number of likes and comments.

These are the methods using which you can increase your followers count. So, which method will you use? Let us know in the comments section.

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Himanshu Nimje

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