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How to get emojis on Chromebook? 

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Emojis convey emotions when all else fails, it helps smooth over awkward conversations, mend broken bonds, and let all your friends know your current feelings all with one or couple of faces or icons. Emojis can work on any device and are mostly seen as well as used on phones, and even desktops like Windows and Mac support emojis, then what do you do if you have a Chromebook?

We uncover this topic in this article and figure out how to enable emojis when you are commenting on a post, retweeting, or having a conversation.

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Using Chromebook keyboard

You can enable the sticker board full of emojis on your Chromebook by following the steps given as follows:

Step 1: Head to a text box and right-click inside the box. From the given options, click on Emoji.

Step 2: A box full of emojis with their categories on top and a search bar will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Other than emojis or stickers, you can also use arrows, bullets, currency as well as a keyboard shortcut of various emojis instead of real stickers, which many people prefer.

You can also press three buttons simultaneously on your Chromebook keyboard to open the emoji board: Search button + Space bar + Shift button.

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Using Chromebook’s on-screen keyboard

You can use Chromebook’s on-screen keyboard as well as it has an emoji button that is direct and easy to spot. If you have a touchscreen Chromebook, you can click on a text box to bring up the virtual keyboard where you can locate the emoji button.

You can also enable the on-screen keyboard if your Chromebook is not a touchscreen by following the steps given below:

  • Head to the lower-right side of your screen, where the time is located, and click on the gear icon.
  • Click on the Accessibility option and then click on the keyboard and text input option.
  • Enable the toggle switch beside the On-screen keyboard.

After your on-screen keyboard is ready, click on the smiley face button at the bottom row of your keyboard. This will open up the box full of emojis and their categories, waiting to be displayed in your messages.

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