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How to get featured on Instagram’s Explore tab?

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A social media influencer’s life is no bed of roses; they’ve to deal with the consistent pressure of creating fresh content and also face the fact that not everyone would enjoy it.  But it is always about that one post that can change your life. The post which will help you reach more and more people, outside the boundaries of your follower’s list, in the ‘Explore Tab’.

The Explore Tab of Instagram is one of the most successful features of the platform. It shows you the posts which you might like, based on your previous activities which are meant to be ‘private’ according to the company. It is, by far, the best free promotion that Instagram offers to its users.

If you have a public account and you post content related to a specific topic, there is a possibility that your content might appear in the Explore Tab of many Instagram users who like similar content but do not follow you. So, you stand a chance to win free promotion and followers from Instagram! But winning something has never been so easy. There are a few steps which we recommend you to follow if you want your post to get featured on the Explore Tab.

Post great content that your audience likes

Instagram provides additional Insights, including impressions and interactions of the post, for the creator and business accounts. Insights allow page admins to check the performance of a post or story. Total reach, engagement, post saves, likes, comments and much more relevant data is provided so that you can understand the kind of content your audience likes and the kind of content you should avoid posting.

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Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are the major way content can be found on a particular subject or interest. Whenever you want to know something about a particular topic, search for its hashtag, and you can quickly get millions of posts which are posted under that hashtag. The best part is that Instagram allows the users to follow hashtags, and some of them like ‘#nature’ have hundreds of millions of followers, isn’t that amazing?

You have to search for the most appropriate hashtags which complement your content and use them in the caption. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags for a single post.

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Post at optimal times

Instagram is an incredible platform for creators and businesses. It allows us to see at what time of the day and what day of the week our followers are most active. Posting at these optimal times and days will surely give you more reach than the usual, and your post’s probability of getting featured in the Explore Tab will drastically increase.

If you are addicted to Instagram, you might have noticed various segments like ‘Based on the posts you liked’, ‘Based on the posts you saved’, below the posts which are featured in the Explore Tab; but do you know how does Instagram select only a few posts to feature in the Explore Tab out of the hundreds you liked or saved?

Instagram selects the most saved posts. If the users save a particular post, it means that they would like to view that post again, and that is the reason why Instagram selects these kinds of posts.

There is another option using which you can easily increase the saves on your post ‘illegally’. You can use platforms such as PayToSSM and buy saves for your post, but we discourage the use of such paid services and don’t endorse it either as it is considered against Instagram’s policies and might result in the removal of the account that uses such services.

So from next time, make sure to use the steps mentioned above so that your post reaches a good number of accounts and more and more people save the post so that it becomes a part of the Explore Tab. Let us know if you’ve implemented any other snappy ways to increase your engagement in the comments down below.

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Himanshu Nimje

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