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6 ways to highlight text in WhatsApp

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Highlighting a section of text in WhatsApp is done to show the importance of the text in a conversation. The widely used social messaging app offers a variety of text formatting options, including bold, italicise, and strikethrough, among others.

In this article, we’ve laid down six quick ways to highlight text in WhatsApp easily.

Highlighting text in WhatsApp

You cannot highlight a text in WhatsApp like you can do on Word or Google Docs. However, we will present several ways to showcase the importance of texts and improve the conversation.

Here are different ways to highlight text in WhatsApp:

Bold text for strong emphasis

Bold text highlights a particular word or sentence to shift the reader’s attention to that particular point.

To highlight a word in bold, you must put it in asterisks (*). For example, if you want the word ‘hi’ in bold, write it as *hi*.

Italicise to convey subtlety

Italics are used to emphasise a word or to mention foreign words. People also use italics to convey the title of works or publication houses. Furthermore, italics are also used to convey a soft tone

To italicise a text in WhatsApp, insert the text between underscores (_). For example, to write ‘hi’ in italics, write _hi_.

Strikethrough for corrections

The strikethrough feature is used to correct or update the text. It is also used to showcase sentences or texts that are no longer necessary or valid. Strikethroughs are sometimes used for humour redactions.

To perform a strikethrough, enter the text between a tilde (~). For example, to strikethrough ‘hi’, write it as ~hi~.

Monospace for technical content

Monospace enhances the readability of the text as it makes similar fonts easier to distinguish. Also, monospaced fonts have each character consuming the same space, thereby making the text easier to set in rows or columns.

To write a text in monospace format, insert it between three backticks (`). For example, to write ‘hi’ in monospace, write it as “`hi“`.

Inline code for specificity

You can use the inline code feature to insert some programming code in your communication.

Insert the text between a single backtick (`). For example, to write ‘hi’ in inline code, write it as `hi`.

Quote for context

You can use the quote feature to quote someone or provide context to the conversation.

For example, if you have to write the following sentence in quotes: Is anyone here? You can put an angled bracket followed by a space before the start of the sentence. Here’s how: > Is anyone here?

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Some tips for highlighting text in WhatsApp

Here are some tips that could help you in using the above highlighting features:

  • Use these features sparingly. Using too many of the above features will make the text more of an article than a conversation.
  • Use bold, italics, and strikethrough only for the specified purpose.
  • Before using these features, understand the context of the conversation. If you are in a professional chat, you may have to use more text formatting. However, if you are in a relaxed, non-professional setting, there’s no need to use text formatting.

In conclusion, highlighting a text is still not possible in WhatsApp. However, there are still some ways to divert the reader’s attention to a specific part of the conversation. Follow the instructions that we have given above, and you are good to go.

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