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How to increase brightness in MX Player?

A video streaming platform that lets you tweak settings in just a few simple steps is hard to come by, and this is where MX Player shines the most.

Its user-friendly interface lets people modify variable playback speed and audio tracks, draw multilingual subtitles, decode modes, and other useful features.

In this article, we will discuss how you can increase brightness in MX Player to view movies with better clarity.

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How to increase brightness in MX Player?

If the MX Player screen brightness control is not automated with your smartphone’s brightness settings, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Run the movie your wish to watch; then click on the three-dotted verticle icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click on More in the next window.

Step 3: Now tap the Settings button.

Step 4: Subsequently, click on the Player control on the settings menu page, as shown below.

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If you have used other video streaming apps or OTT media services, you may be aware of the simple verticle swipe gesture on the screen that lets you adjust the brightness quickly.

MX Player also has this feature available on its platform. To access this feature, you need first to enable the MX Player brightness settings (Refer to Step 4 of the guide mentioned above).

After enabling the MX PLayer brightness setting, Dragging one finger on the left half of the screen will do the trick.

How to increase brightness in MX Player using Mobile phone brightness settings?

In some devices, the smartphone’s system brightness may already be synced with the MX Player screen brightness control; therefore, when you change the brightness on the mobile phone, it will also alter the screen brightness of the MX Player automatically.

The app can’t set the brightness as light as the smartphone s system brightness setting, making this recourse a suitable option for many people.

If you want to turn off MX Player’s brightness control, then check off Settings > Player > Screen > Brightness. (Refer to Step 4 of the guide mentioned above).

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