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How to light TNT in Minecraft?

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How to light TNT in Minecraft?

For a classic light-hearted game, Minecraft sure does have a lot of ways to kill. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more explosive, TNT blocks might be the right fit for you.

Apart from being incredibly fun to use, they can also come in handy if you want to mine quickly by blowing them underground. However, just crafting TNT blocks isn’t enough; you need to light them as well.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to light TNT in Minecraft.

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Lighting TNT blocks

There are several ways you can ignite TNT blocks.

  • Using Flint and Steel
  • Using Fire Charges
  • Using Flaming Arrows
  • Using Redstone circuits
  • Using other TNT blocks

We’ll be going over all of these five methods.

Light TNT using Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel are some of the basic fire starters you’ll need in Minecraft. All you need is an iron ingot and some flint, and you’re good to go. Flint and steel can also burn other flammable items.

You can check out this detailed guide to learn how to craft and use Flint and Steel here.

Light TNT using Fire Charges

Fire charges are also a quick way of starting a fire; what’s better about them is that you can throw them from a distance, allowing you to safely get away from the TNT block before you ignite one. 

Fire charges are created by combining charcoal, blaze powder and gunpowder. Keep in mind that you’ll lose your charge once you throw it, so keep an eye on your inventory.

Light TNT using Flaming arrows

If you’d want to get further away before you blow TNT, you can use a bow enchanted with the Flame Enchantment to trigger TNT charges. Since they’re triggered by fire, firing a flame arrow can set them off.

A primed TNT block after being shot by a flaming arrow.

If you don’t have an enchantment, you can convert regular arrows into flaming arrows by shooting them through fire or lava. Alternatively, you can also set fire or pour lava near TNT blocks to set them off. 

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Light TNT using Redstone circuits

This is a rather sophisticated way of blowing up TNT blocks as it involves building a control mechanism. Using Redstone dust, you can use either a button, lever, or pressure plate and connect it to your TNT block. Once the circuit is complete, the TNT block can be blown using the trigger.

Light TNT using other TNT blocks

Finally, the simplest way to set off a TNT block is to have it near another exploding TNT block. TNT blocks can blow up 70% of vulnerable blocks around them so being in the vicinity of a nearby explosion is a rather convenient way to set off TNT.

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