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How to make animals upside down in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the most popular action-adventure games to ever come out. The game has hundreds of different elements which can be combined together to make weapons, items and other things the player might need to survive the game. 

That’s not to say that all you have to do in the game is grind. Minecraft maps are infinite and have diversified biomes as well as wildlife for everyone to explore, by yourself or with your friends

There are also a lot of small easter eggs and fun, hidden things that you can do in the game when you’re not busy mining or fighting off mobs. In this article, we’re taking a look at how to make animals upside down in Minecraft. 

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Turning animals upside down in Minecraft

The way you can do this is by using a nametag with either ‘Dinnerbone’ or ‘Grumm’ embedded on it using an Anvil. Keep in mind you can’t craft nametags on Minecraft You need to gather them instead. Usually, nametags are found inside chests in dungeons but you can find them in other places like chests inside a Nether fortress. 

Once you have a nametag, you’ll need an Anvil in order to name it and then you can apply it to any animal you want turning them upside down. Anvils can be crafted using a crafting table, you just require four iron ingots and three iron blocks for the recipe. 

Step 1: With your nametag equipped, walk up to the Anvil and right-click to interact. 

How to make animals upside down in Minecraft?

Step 2: Place your nametag in the first Anvil slot and type either ‘Dinnerbone’ or ‘Grumm’ before naming the tag. 

Step 3: Walk up to any animal you want to turn upside down and right-click them with the tag equipped. 

And that’s all you need to do to turn animals upside down in Minecraft. 

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