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How to make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2?

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The internet is full of browser-based games you can play, as the name suggests, without ever having to leave your browser. These games appeal to many people as you don’t have to worry about your PC hardware meeting the game’s minimum requirement. 

In this article, we’re talking about how you can make electricity in Little Alchemy 2 using the four basic elements, fire, earth, water and air that you get when you start the game. 

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Making Electricity in Little Alchemy 2

Making electricity in Little Alchemy 2 is a bit of a complicated process as it requires crafting multiple complex elements before you can combine them together to reach the final result. That said, you can work with the four basic elements you get to make electricity Here’s how.

Step 1: Combine two Earth elements to make land.

Step 2: Combine two Fire elements to make energy. 

Step 3: Combine Earth and Land to make a continent.

Step 4: Combine two Continent elements to make a planet. 

Step 5: Combine the Planet element with Fire to make the sun.

Step 6: Combine Energy that we made in step 2 with the sun to make a solar cell.

Step 7: Finally, combine the solar cell and the sun to make electricity. 

There are, of course, multiple other ways you can make electricity in the game by combining multiple other, more complex elements. However, if you’re starting with the basics, the aforementioned method is the fastest and simplest way to get electricity in the game. 

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