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How to move columns in Excel?

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Excel is a rather well-known software for managing spreadsheets and has been around since forever. Whether you use it daily or have never used it all, you must’ve come across it somewhere. 

For the people who do use it, Excel provides a suite of features to make life easier. In this article, we’re talking about how to move columns, rows or cells in Excel.

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Moving coloumns in Windows

If you’re using Excel in Windows, moving anything, let alone columns, is as easy as selecting and then simply dragging them where you want or copying/pasting them.

Step 1: Open your Excel spreadsheet and select the column you want to move. 

How to move columns in Excel? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Once you’ve selected the column, press Ctrl + C to Copy or Ctrl + X to cut.

Step 3: Click where you want to move the column and press Ctrl + V to paste it there. 

Alternatively, you point your cursor to the border of the selected column or at the column header and drag it where you want manually. The same process applies to moving rows and individual cells (or a group of cells, for that matter). 

Keep in mind that when you move columns, rows or even cells, the data inside, including any formulas and values, is also moved. If there’s a formula inside the cell and the formula references are not adjusted, you may end up getting a #REF! error. 

Moving columns on a Mac

If you’re using Excel on a Mac, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your Excel spreadsheet and select the column you want to move. 

Step 2: Point your mouse cursor to the border of the selection until it becomes a hand. Now, if you want to move the selection, drag them to another location. If you want to copy, hold down OPTION when dragging. 

Once again, moving columns or anything moves the data contained inside, so be sure to adjust any formula references. 

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