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How to Mute Mic with Keyboard Shortcut?

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Muting your microphone during video recordings is essential for privacy and to avoid unwanted background noise. While most video recording applications offer built-in mute buttons, keyboard shortcuts provide a faster and more convenient way to control your audio.

This article discusses the keyboard shortcut to mute your Mic and various third-party apps you can use to mute your Mic. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

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Keyboard shortcut to mute Mic

The keyboard shortcut mute Mic is Windows + Alt + K.

However, this keyboard shortcut doesn’t work most of the time. So, if you want to toggle a key to mute your Mic, you have to download and use third-party apps.

Third-party apps to mute Mic

For Windows

  • MicMute: This free and lightweight application adds a microphone icon to your system tray. You can customise a keyboard shortcut (default is Ctrl+Shift+M) to mute/unmute your mic. It works across various applications and even outside video calls.
  • AHK Mic Mute: This script uses the AutoHotkey software (free download required). Once set up, you can assign a preferred key combination to toggle the mic mute system-wide.
  • Talk Toggle: Another free and portable app offering mic muting functionality with a customisable keyboard shortcut. It provides visual cues to indicate the mic state.

For Mac

  • Shush App: This free app adds a microphone icon to your Mac’s menu bar. Assign a keyboard shortcut (the default is Ctrl+Shift+M) to mute/unmute your mic system-wide.

Additional Tips

  • Check your video recording application’s settings. Many programs have built-in mute buttons or keyboard shortcut options.
  • Consider using Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality in some apps, where your mic is only active when you hold down a designated key.

By using these methods, you can easily mute your microphone during video recordings with a convenient keyboard shortcut, enhancing your privacy and recording experience.

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