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How to pin a comment on Instagram?

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When you are posting on Instagram after a while or if you have plenty of followers, you can be sure of a lot of comments that your posts will generate when you upload them to Instagram. Even posts by influencers and pages on Instagram receive hundreds and thousands of comments. Various users head to the comment section to clarify any doubts that a post creates or to just entertain themselves with the creative replies left by the audience. Some creators pin the best comments, a feature that was introduced in 2020.

In this article, we will explain how you can also do the same by pinning comments on top of your comment section on any Instagram post.

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Pining for the top

If you are planning on pinning comments on your Instagram post you should be aware of a few facts related to the comment pinning, which are as follows:

  • All of your followers, including the non-followers if your account is public, will be able to view the comments that you pin on your post.
  • Instagram informs the person whose comment you have pinned on your post.
  • You can only pin comments on your post from your account.
  • You can pin a maximum of three comments on every post.
  • You can bring the attention of your followers to that comment if you think it is important and provides information.
  • Pinning a comment is supposed to act as a symbol of positive feedback like in a class a student would be given a prize for their good performance. The pinned comments are meant to tackle hate speech, bullying, or offensive responses.
  • You can let the user whose comment you are pinning know that their comment is your favourite reply to your post.
  • You can also pin your own comment.

How to pin a comment?

To learn how to pin a comment is fairly easy and you can do so by going through the steps given below:

  • Head to any post on your Instagram and tap on the dialogue bubble icon under your post next to the heart and share icons.
  • From the number of comments, choose any comment, and slightly press on it until you see a blue header panel appear with a pin and a bin icon.
  • Tap on the pin icon to pin the comment. If you want to unpin the comment, follow the second step again.

Pinning comments on your posts can be a great way to build a memorable connection with your followers and let them be aware that you value their feedback. This way other followers will be more inclined to comment on your posts just to have their comments pinned. This feature on Instagram is another method that allows you to interact with your followers.

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