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How to properly hold your smartphone to reduce fatigue

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Ever felt pain in your pinky finger while using your phone? Does using your phone causes pain in your wrists as well?

Well, you might be becoming a victim of a widespread phenomenon nowadays. Holding your phone the wrong way can cause severe damage to your wrists and fingers.

All of us want a thin and small device. The problem is, biologically, our hands aren’t designed to handle small objects.

Just like the carpal tunnel is a big thing for typists, and not only for typists, thumb tendonitis is also becoming a thing among people indulged in the smartphone ecosphere.

Pushing out your wrists while using your smartphone can cause issues in your hand’s carpal tunnel. Also, as phones get thinner and thinner, we tend to stretch out our thumbs more which stretches the tendons in the hands.

Usually, your thumb works within its natural range of motion when a little bulk is added to the phone’s body. But as this bulk increases, so does the pressure on your pinky finger and your wrists. The heavier the phone, the earlier you’ll feel the fatigue catching up.

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The solution?

First things first, buy a phone which is the right fit for your hands.

Buy a phone too big, and you’ll tire your hands within five minutes of using it. If it’s too small, you’ll strain your fingers and palm trying to stumble around.

Most people don’t consider the phone’s weight and size while buying one. Most people are wrong. Don’t be like most people. Instead, one should always consider a phone’s weight and size while buying one.

Moving on, the way you hold your smartphone plays the remaining half.

How to properly hold your smartphone to reduce fatigue

To ensure proper blood flow to your fingers, keep your wrists and elbows as straight as possible. Also, make sure you’re maintaining a reasonable distance between your eyes and the screen. Bring the screen too close, and you strain not only your hands but also your eyes.

Heavy and repetitive smartphone usage can cause injuries like smartphone thumb. A smartphone thumb is a ligament injury in the thumb by, you guessed it, excessive smartphone use.

Another obvious tip, take frequent breaks when using your smartphone for long sessions (PUBG fans take note).

Putting your phone down at regular intervals can go a long way down ensuring your hands aren’t overstressed. Every now and then, stretch your hands and fingers to avoid stiffening the tendons in your fingers and your palms.

Also, don’t shy away from wearing wrist supports when using your phone for long hours. Even light velcro supports will significantly help.

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