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How to remove a bank account from PhonePe?

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Phonepe, a UPI-payment app, is used by many people across the nation to make endless digital transactions. It allows you to make payments to merchants, businesses, and friends/ family. Not only this, you can add multiple bank accounts in Phonepe to make the payments from your preferred accounts. However, you can also remove the bank account linked to Phonepe anytime and anywhere. Also, you can unlink more than one account from Phonepe in case you’ve multiple accounts linked to it.

If you want to remove a bank account from your Phonepe, you can follow this guide to achieve the same. Follow the steps below and unlink the accounts from Phonepe at your convenience.

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Remove a bank account from Phonepe

Many Phonepe users may wish to remove bank accounts due to security concerns, avoid fraud activities, switch to a different account, or deactivate Phonepe altogether. Whatever be the reason, it is possible to remove any linked account from Phonepe in a few easy steps.

How to remove a bank account from PhonePe?
  • Open the Phonepe application and click on the Profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the View All Payment Methods option under the Payment Methods section. A list of all possible payment methods will appear on the screen.
  • Under the Bank Accounts sections, all the bank accounts linked to Phonepe will appear. Scroll right in the list to choose the account you wish to remove.
  • Account details for the chosen account will display on the screen. Scroll to the end and tap on the Unlink Bank Account option.
  • A confirmation message appears on the screen, ‘You will not be able to send or receive money using this bank account on the PhonePe app. It will not affect your bank account or its usage through other apps in any way. We will also be deactivating your UPI IDs and UPI Numbers related to this account.’ Click on the Unlink button to provide confirmation.

Once unlinked, the bank account will not reflect in Phonepe, and you will no longer be able to send or receive payments using that bank account.

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