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How to remove data that websites store on your iPhone or iPad?

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Have you ever noticed that if you keep frequenting a particular website, over time, its content starts to load quicker? Well, this only occurs due to all the data that sites store on your devices in the form of cookies or other cached data. Slowly but steadily this stored data eats up into your device’s storage and becomes a nightmare for any user, especially for iPhone owners as expandable storage is not a feature that’s available to them.

This article will inform you about how you can clear this stored data. The steps will tell you about how you can delete specific sets of data or remove all of it at once.

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How to delete website data stored on your iPad or iPhone

This entire process begins with opening the ‘Settings‘ application. Once there, look for ‘Safari’ and tap on it. Next, you need to scroll to the very bottom of the list and tap on the ‘Advanced‘ section.

How to remove data that websites store on your iPhone or iPad?This will lead you to a menu where you’ll find the setting for ‘Website Data‘. Upon selecting the required option a page showing the largest space consumers shows up with an option that says, ‘Remove All Website Data‘, this will delete all stored data at once.

Now if you do not want to remove all the data at once and want to selectively erase files in that in case follow the steps given below.

  • Expand the number of websites shown by selecting the option to ‘Show All Sites
  • You can now swipe left on an individual website’s name to bring up the option to delete them.

Another option that you have is to clear all saved history along with the website data that is stored, although not as effective as the other methods mentioned this way should get the job done. For this follow the steps given below.

  • Access the Safari section from within the Settings application.
  • Scroll towards the bottom and find the option that says, ‘Clear History and Website Data‘.

While iOS does periodically clean out this section when updates take place it is always good to keep a check on data stored to maintain privacy.

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