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How to restart a Mac with the keyboard?

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Are you wondering how to restart a Mac with a keyboard? Well, for this, you’ll have to use keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are a useful combination of keys that can save you time and increase productivity. No matter what sort of workflow you are in, you should know certain keyboard shortcuts by heart.

In this article, we’ll explain a keyboard shortcut for restarting your Mac.

Keyboard shortcut to restart your Mac

To restart your Mac quickly, use the following keys in combination:

  • Mac models that do that have a Touch ID: Control + Command + Power button
  • Mac models with a Touch ID: Contol + Command + Touch ID button

In the above screenshot, you can see the buttons. We have used a Macbook Pro with a Touch ID button for reference.

One thing to note is as soon as you press the above key combinations, your Mac computer will go into restart mode without giving you any warning to save your ongoing work. So, we advise you to save all your work and proceed with the keyboard shortcut. To get the warning, follow the following shortcut on your Macbook Pro: Control + Command + Media Eject.

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Other Mac keyboard shortcuts

Here are some other keyboard shortcuts for Mac that you can use:

Turn on the sleep mode

Press the Option + Command + Power button for Macs without a Touch ID and Option + Command + Media Eject for Macs with a Touch ID.

Just turn on sleep mode for the display

If you want to put your Mac display in sleep mode and not the entire computer, here are the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Macs with Touch ID: Control + Shift + Media Eject
  • Macs with no Touch ID: Control + Shift + Power button

Lock your Mac screen

Press Control + Command + Q to lock your Macbook screen. This will work for Macs with a Touch ID and Macs without a Touch ID.

In conclusion, keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time. Use these Mac keyboard shortcuts to get ahead of your competitors in your office or work.

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