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How to ride a Llama in Minecraft?

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There are several mobs in Minecraft that can be useful if treated right. Animal mobs are primarily passive, and a number of them can be beneficial to the player if tamed.

Horses and Llamas are mobs that can be tamed and ridden. In this article, we’re talking about how you can tame and ride a llama in Minecraft.

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Llamas in Minecraft

Llamas are neutral mobs in the game that roam around in the Windswept Hills, Windswept Forests, Windswept Gravelly Hills and Savanna biomes. 

Since they’re neutral, they won’t attack unless provoked by the player. Llamas also drop zero to two leather or a chest or carpet if the killed llama has one. Their special skills include being tamed and ridden.

Llamas can’t wear armour or saddle-like horses, but they can wear carpets for decoration. Additionally, you can equip a llama with a chest and make them carry up to 15 items.

Riding a Llama in Minecraft

In order to ride a llama, you need to tame it first. Taming them is also quite similar to how most mobs are tamed, that is, by feeding them. You would require either ten wheat or five hay bales to feed the llama.

How to ride a Llama in Minecraft?

Once you have the required items, find a llama, walk up to it and with the item selected in your inventory, press right-click to feed the llama. After you’re done feeding it, at one point, the llama will start making angry sounds and will stop taking food from you, indicating that it won’t eat anymore.

At this point, equip an empty block in your inventory, and right-click the llama to start riding. Make sure that you’re empty-handed when trying to ride the llama; otherwise, you won’t be able to mount one. Once you’ve mounted it, it’ll be tamed, and you’ll see red hearts appear around the llama. 

How to ride a Llama in Minecraft?

Note that since you can’t put a saddle on a llama, you can’t control its movement. However, players can use a lead and guide the llama around. When you’re done riding, press the Shift key to dismount.

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