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How to schedule a ride in Uber?

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Uber is one of the most popular cab-hailing apps on the planet right now. According to Statista, about 78 million users use the app to get to their destinations through a variety of transportation methods that are not limited to cars anymore.

If you’re in a place of luxury, you can possibly even hail even a helicopter as your Uber. Apart from providing its customer with a host of travel options, the app also has a bunch of very useful features that make cab-hailing a more convenient task than ever before.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can schedule an Uber ride. 

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How to schedule an Uber using its website?

Step 1: Head over to Uber’s website and click on the Ride tab. 

Step 2: Click on Schedule for later. 

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number in the next step.

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the number you just entered. Enter the numbers to login and move ahead. 

Step 5: You may also be asked to enter the password to your Uber account on the next page. 

Step 6: Now on the left you’ll be able to set your desired date and time to schedule your ride. Enter the time you want and click the Select button.

Step 7: Now you can proceed with adding your pickup and drop addresses as normal. You ride will automatically be scheduled for the set time.  

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How to Schedule a ride on Uber app?

When you’re on the app, the process is more or less the same.

  • Tap on the clock icon in the pickup point field.
  • Dial in the time you want to schedule your ride at and tap on the Set Pickup time button. 
  • Finalise your destination.
  • Select the type of ride you want and press the Schedule your ride button to lock everything in place.

Now Uber will automatically get you a ride at the time and place you’ve specified without a hassle.

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