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How to start an encrypted Private Conversation on Skype; Features

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Earlier this year on January 11, 2018, it was announced that Skype was testing an end-to-end encrypted private conversation in collaboration with messaging app Signal. Now the company has made Private Conversation on Skype public — available for all users across different operating systems for PC and mobile.

With this collaboration, Microsoft joined a list of organisations that include WhatsApp, Google and Facebook that have integrated the Signal Protocol into their messaging platform.

Even before this project went into testing, Skype was already offering AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and a strong 256-bit encryption too. Public keys for users use 1536 or 2048-bit RSA certifications.

What is private conversation on Skype?

How to start an encrypted Private Conversation on Skype; FeaturesPrivate conversations on Skype uses Signal Protocol that enables end-to-end encryption on audio calls, text messages and while sharing an image, audio or video file.

They are only available in the latest version of Skype on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android (6.0 and later). These conversations are hidden in the chat list notifications — keeping the information you share private.

Private conversations on Skype can only be accessed on one device at a time.

Since these conversations are end-to-end encrypted, no one other than the members of the conversation can access the information.

How does private conversation on Skype work?

  • When you start a private conversation, an invitation is sent to your contact and it’s valid for seven days.
  • Previews from private conversations are not shown in your chat lists or notifications.
  • During private conversations, you cannot edit a message or forward a file.
  • You can only send emoticons, files and audio messages from the chat window.
  • You cannot send messages to the invited contact in a private conversation until they accept your invitation.
  • Messages of the private conversation can only be accessed on the device that was used to accept the invitation. If you change your device for conversation, the data of the private conversation on the previous device won’t transfer.

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How to start a private conversation on Skype?

On Mobile

  • Tap the New Chat button
  • Select Private Conversation

On Desktop

  • Tap the new Chat button
  • Select New Private Conversation

Next, you need to select the contact with whom you wish to start the private conversation. An invitation will be sent to them, which is valid for seven days. Once they accept the invite, you’ll be able to begin the private conversation.

If they fail to accept the invitation within the stipulated time, then the invite will expire and you’ll need to send another one.

Once a private conversation has been accepted, it will only be available on the devices they’ve been accepted from. If you wish to move the conversation to a different device, a new invitation will have to be sent.

You can be in a normal as well as a private conversation with the same person.

How to end a private conversation on Skype

  • Click/tap on the chat header
  • Select Chat Settings
  • Select End private conversation
  • Select End conversation from the End private conversation window

How to delete a private conversation on Skype

Once you delete a private conversation, it allows you to start the conversation with the same contact again later without needing to send a new invitation. Here’s how to delete your private conversation on Skype:

  • Click/tap on the chat header
  • Select Chat Settings
  • Select Delete private conversation
  • Select Delete from the Delete private conversation window

How to start a private call

  • Start a new conversation or select an existing one
  • Select Private tab at the top of the converation window
  • Select Private Call button


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