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How to properly store your cables?

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More often than not we don’t really care about how we store our cables. For most of us, it’s just throwing them in a backpack and taking them out when needed. Needless to say, most of us break cables soon enough and then crib about them breaking.

However, said cables, if stored properly, can last really long. There are different ways of wrapping up different cables. Following them will not only help your cables last long but will also save you hours of untangling them.

How to wrap cables

There are different ways to handle different types of cables. We go over some of the most commonly used ones.

The ‘Roadie Wrap’ – for charging/data transfer cables

The method involves simply coiling your cables, but changing the direction every round. Once done, you can use cable ties or velcro straps to keep the cables in place. You might as well keep coiling the cable in the same direction. It’s faster that way although you might get your cables all tangled up.

The main benefit of this method is that you’re not bending the cable too hard at any particular corner. This helps to enhance the longevity of the cable. Also, the alternating coils keep the cable from tangling into itself. In case you’re using a long cable, this comes in really handy.

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The Infinity loop – for earphone/headphone or other thin cables

This method is a great way to manage thinner cables like your earphones and so.

You simply wrap your cable around your thumb and pinky finger in sorts of an eight shape. Leave a little bit of cable in the end, to wrap that around the centre to keep everything in place.

Just like the previous one, this technique doesn’t create any sharp bends on your cables. It is a recommended method of wrapping earphone and headphone cables. And for a good reason as It keeps the cable compact, tidy and without any tangles ready to be thrown in and out of backpacks.

PS. Apologies for the overdramatic name.

Cables with power bricks

For wrapping up any cables with charging blocks, wrapping them around the power brick itself is in most cases a bad idea.

To begin with, wrap your cables just like in the Roadie Wrap method but instead of using a velcro strap to tie down the wire, use a bigger strap to tie down your cables with the power brick. Alternatively, you can also use the infinity loop and tie down the cable to your adapter in the same fashion.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of hassles any time you need to use a cable.

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