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How to timestamp a YouTube video in the comments?

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Youtube is an online streaming platform garnering billions of online views since its inception in 2005. You can timestamp a Youtube video in the comments so that other users might notice the exact moment of the video that piques your interest.

This article discusses how you can timestamp a Youtube video in comments from a single point in the video and at multiple points — multiple timestamps.

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Timestamp Youtube video: Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Youtube app or on the browser, and then open the video you want to watch.
  • Note the exact time that you want to link in the comments.
  • Next, click on the Comments tab to comment on the video.

Use the following format to timestamp: hour:minute:second.

You can also add your sentence at the beginning or after the time format. For example, in the screenshot, I added a timestamp for 2:34 minutes into the video to give you an idea of how you can timestamp.

How to insert multiple timestamps in a YouTube video in comments?

You can also add multiple timestamps. Just use the time format every time to timestamp. See the screenshot to get an idea.

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Why should you timestamp a YouTube video?

Users might ask what the need for timestamping is. There are several reasons for that, and the prominent ones are mentioned below:

To save time

The video will jump to that exact time if someone clicks on the timestamp. This means you can watch the important sections of the video and leave the unimportant ones. This can be a useful tool both as a creator and a viewer. As a content creator, your goal should be to provide meaningful and to-the-point content, and the timestamp does exactly that. You can add the timestamp explaining the important bits of your video so that the viewers who are in a hurry can check it quickly.

For a better SEO performance

It is a well-known fact that embedding videos on your website can boost SEO. Just timestamp the relevant section of the video and then embed it on your website. It will surely help your SEO efforts.

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